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Coridor are purveyors of provocative prose who continually craft the alchemic delivery of eerily evocative song told in morose minor melodies

We are fans of Dylan, Buckley, Beatles, Beck, Turin Brakes and Radiohead

Coridor are an evocative rock band based in South London. The style of music they play varies from song to song, but the underlying mood is melancholy. The band consists of four people with contrasting musical backgrounds, individually cherishing compositions ranging from punk to folk, and indie to reggae

David Poke and Kaveh Ghandizadeh met on the same Course together, a song-writing course off London Bridge. Dave had been playing and writing for little over eight months when he was accepted to University. Kaveh flew in from Tehran the year before where he studied classical guitar, heading to Cambridge before a change of heart and a change of style. It was a double bass back in Iran. Maybe due to convening reasons, Kaveh switched to the more acknowledged of baritone instruments, the electric bass. Fulfilling his time there, Kaveh left his studies in Cambridge to pursue his Song-writing degree. This is where he met Dave.

“Paul was our man. He had a van and would cart around all the gear. Yeah we played a few gigs, played a couple at this place down in Deptford called… it was… ah cant remember, oh it doesn’t matter. Played at the Bull & Gate too. Yeah, that was about it mate”. To find a Band playing grunge rock in the nineties really wasn’t a surprise. The Pearl Jam influenced Pabulum were no different. For a musician to hold a position in several bands at any time is no surprise either, especially if you are a drummer. Pabulum, driven round the bend by Paul, were one of the first in a list of projects Paul would indulge in over his course of musical life, a list with names like The Vans and Canteen coming from that decade, with numerous other musical endeavours like PJammers, The Feint, Morton’s Toe, Tesknota (come Creature-Box), The Dirty Lows, The Indie Rockets, StoneThief and Tree coming after 2000.

Mark Winpenny was in the City working for a TeleComms company by day, and moonlighting as a music photographer by night. If he’s not taking pictures, he’s attending as a fan. Such is his love for music, all music, whether he’s listening to delicate folk of surf music, he indulges all. Over his lifetime to date Mark has probably seen more musicians strumming or singing than most of us have seen the sun set. Paul was employed at the same company at the time. Here is where they would find they’re friendship, a love of music being something they shared together, amongst software, operating systems, communications protocols and algorithms, and other nerdy things like that.

Dave and Kavs (as Kaveh was now affectionately known) spent a lot of time together whilst completing their music Course, attending lectures, studying, hanging out and attending open mic nights, in particular The British Oak In Blackheath. Here they’d try out their coursework and latest “masterpieces”. After two years of sharing the classroom, and having formed a strong companionship, Dave and Kavs agreed to share the stage portraying their works. Kavs would play his beloved electric bass and Dave his acoustic guitar, both singing vocals, displaying melodic harmonies and catching the attention of countless audiences.

The Corridor (The first band name used) were performing frequently to local listeners. Invitations to play here and there around London started coming. Recognition through social media too, gaining many admirers along the way. There was one admirer in particular who would appear more frequently at Coridor shows (the duo’s title as it is known today). There were brief social conversations between Dave and Paul, but nothing too serious. It wasn’t for a time until Paul put across his formal proposition, a real musical exploration. Something not one of the current duo could envisage coming from this quiet observer. “Wanna play some music?” he said. “Sure”.

Coridor’s need is to show their music to the world. Clichéd as that may that sound, clichés exist because they are mostly true. Coridor have an obligation to share the pictures, and colours and feelings with the world, for people who share the same pictures, and colours and feelings”. The news is: This is happening now!
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